Morrisons More Review – is it worth it?


Hello everyone! Today we’re reviewing Morrisons More (the loyalty scheme of UK Supermarket Morrisons) to see how it stacks up to other Supermarkets and ask our classic question – it is worth it?

(Please note: Loyalty schemes change all the time so whilst everything is correct at time of writing, there is always potential for slight changes!)

How does Morrisons More work?

Morrisons More is a points based loyalty scheme, and in some respects works in a similar way to the Nectar scheme conceptually but has some other key differences.

With Morrisons More, you earn points as you shop in-store or online – but crucially you’ll only get them on specific items as opposed to everything in store.

Whilst some of these offers are sometimes on individual products, I’ve found that a lot of the ones I’ve received are based around the counter service offerings at Morrisons such as the butcher and fishmonger, which is something they as a company try and hold out as a differential.

Once you’ve earned enough points, you can convert these to a voucher to get money off your shop.

What are the key benefits of Morrisons More?

There are three key ways of earning benefits with Morrisons More:

Morrisons More Points

As per the above, you’ll get Morrisons More points when you buy specific items, which you can identify in the app.

When it comes to offers for specific items, you don’t need to opt in – simply scan your card and any point bonuses will apply automatically.

However, if you go to the “Points” section of the Morrisons More app, you may also have additional spending target based offers, which do require opting in to via pushing “activate”.

You can also earn Morrisons More points on fuel, which I’ve covered in further detail below.

An example of some Morrisons More offers below and how they appear in the app below:

An example of points offers within the Morrisons More app.

Morrisons More Rewards

You will also get a number of items where purchasing the item will give you a discount at the till as well. These appear based on my experiences to be fairly heavily related to your buying history.

They’re usually smallish discounts (although I had one for 25% off all fruit and veg which is a nice save on a bigger weekly shop) – but always nice to have when it’s something you’d be buying anyhow or a swap that proves worthwhile to have.

You do need to opt in for Rewards offers – you can do this by going into you Morrisons More app or website, clicking rewards and pushing activate on the relevant offer.

Morrisons More Clubs

Morrisons More also features a number of clubs for particularly groups that can benefit from special offers, such as Nurses, Students and Parents.

Slightly unhelpfully, I fall into none of the categories so I’ve been unable to give a proper assessment of the value of the Morrisons More clubs.

We’d really love to hear from some readers on their experiences with Morrisons More Clubs, so please do leave us your comments in the form at the bottom of the page.

Using Morrisons More at Market Street at Wimbledon Morrisons.

How much are Morrisons More points worth?

Morrisons More points can be covered into “Fiver” vouchers (netting you £5 off) once you’ve earned 5000 points.

This means every Morrisons More point has an effective value of 0.1p.

You can use this to assess the real value of the points offers in the app better – an offer netting you 200 points is effectively 20p off at a future date.

How do I sign up to Morrisons More?

You can either sign up to Morrisons More via the Morrisons app or though the Morrisons website.

You can sign up at the Morrisons website here.

You can find the Morrisons More app on the Apple App Store here.

You can find the Morrisons More app on the Android App Store here.

Can I earn Morrisons More Points on Fuel?

Yes, you’ll earn 5 points (an effective 0.5p) for every litre of fuel you’ll fill up with at a Morrisons branded petrol station.

Morrisons have in the past run some promotions where you get a money off fuel voucher after hitting a spend target in store, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for these.

And if you’re looking for money off fuel, make sure to check out our article on UK fuel loyalty schemes.

Overall Review of Morrisons More

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Morrisons More is a difficult scheme to really put a value on because it’s so subjective to the individual. My sense is that if you targeted all the individual offers available as part of it, you could do quite well and hit a Fiver easily.

However that doesn’t really reward you for generally shopping there, and part of our advice as a moneysaving blog is always not to buy stuff you don’t need.

There are aspects we definitely like in Morrisons More – not having to opt in for most points promotions is good, and it’s a fairly simple interface overall. It’s also a positive you can earn money on fuel.

If you use Morrisons on a regular basis, or nip in for fresh produce and deli products etc, Morrisons More will undoubtably save you money over time, and isn’t at core a bad scheme. However, I’m not entirely convinced there’s enough here to divert you from other supermarkets either, and would have liked to see more in respect of vouchers.

Other FAQ’s about Morrisons More

Can I use my Morrisons More account when shopping online?

Yep, just login to your Morrisons account and link up our accounts. You can also fully manage your Morrisons More account and see any offers via the website as well.

What happened to MyMorrisons?

Morrisons has a previously loyalty scheme called MyMorrisons – it no longer exists and has been completely replaced by Morrisons More.

Do Morrisons More points expire?

Any Morrisons More points that have been earned but not converted into a “Fiver” voucher will expire 12 months after earning them.

Do Morrisons More Fiver vouchers expire?

If you’ve got a voucher issued at till, it’s valid for 12 months from printing. If you create a Fiver voucher in app or via your Morrisons website account, it’s only valid for 3 months, so definitely worth spending quickly!

Can I use the app or website if I have physical Morrisons More card?

You can link your Morrisons More it in the app and have all rewards appear in the app when registering.

You can also request a plastic card if you’d prefer one within the app or website.

The logo of the Morrisons More loyalty app

How does Morrisons More compare to other Supermarket loyalty?

And if you’d like to read about other supermarket loyalty schemes, we’ve got a review of Lidl Plus here, a review of Tesco Clubcard here, a review of Asda Rewards here, a review of MyWaitrose here and a guide to earning more Nectar points here.

Any questions?

Do you have any questions about the Morrisons More loyalty scheme? We’d also love to hear your thoughts on your experiences using Morrisons More and any big savings or issues – just leave a note in the comments below!

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