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Hello everyone! A few months ago in my neck of the woods they opened up a new branch of the Lidl supermarket – I don’t know if it was months of not doing anything else but quite frankly I’ve seen rock stars receive less of a reaction! I’ve started shopping there quite a bit, and today I wanted to discuss their loyalty scheme – Lidl Plus.

I love Supermarket loyalty schemes because whilst they’re unlikely to save you huge amounts of money each time, you’re doing so on essential goods that you’d be buying anyhow so any save at all in nice – especially when Lidl tends to be cheap anyhow.

Plus it all adds up over time and when you look back over a year, you can end up realising what you’ve saved is actually quite significant.

(Please note: Loyalty schemes change all the time so whilst everything is correct at time of writing, there is always potential for slight changes!)

What is Lidl Plus?

Lidl Plus is the Lidl supermarket loyalty scheme, available on your phone as an app only.

It’s a free service, but provides you with a variety of extras and rewards that can provide a benefit when shopping at Lidl anyhow.

What do you get with Lidl Plus?

There are six main ways Lidl Plus provides you with savings:

  • Coupons (usually in the form of five a week) to save on various items – read on for thoughts on how worth it these are.
  • A free bakery item (as of 1 March 2022) when spending more than £50 in a month.
  • Money off-vouchers. Spending £100 in a calendar month nets you a £2 voucher for the next month. Lidl call this “coupon plus”.
  • A free item from a Lidl range when spending £150 in a month. Previously this has focused around being any item from the W5 cleaning range – at the time of writing it’s from the chocolate range.
  • A 10% off voucher for a shop when spending more than £250 in a month. (Notes: the 10% voucher is valid for a shop of up to £200, and has a couple of exclusions including alcohol).
  • A Lidl Scratchcard – this often appears after you shop using Lidl Plus as a bonus. Sometimes it nets nothing, sometimes you get a little treat from the Lidl range.

(This last point has changed a few times. A few months ago it was a Lidl Plus “Spin of Surprises” where you might get a voucher or a money off voucher. This was replaced by a Lidl Deluxe Scratchcard which potentially gave you a discount from the Lidl Deluxe range only. Now the scratchcard has reverted to being over the entire Lidl range).

Remember, you must click to “activate” the coupon after getting them for them to register at the till.

How does Lidl Plus work?

If you’re planning on using one of the weekly coupons, you need to activate it using the app. Beyond that it’s simple – just scan your Lidl Plus code off your phone at the till and any activated coupons will be deducted, and your “monthly spend” for the money off vouchers will automatically be updated.

Here’s how those coupons look in the app – you just need to hit the activate button:

Coupons as they display in the Lidl Plus app.

If you have been awarded a Lidl Scratchcard this will appear in the Lidl Plus app very shortly after you finish your shop, and you’ll have 7 days to use your Scratchcard and find out if you’ve won something!

Finally if you have a physical coupon for Lidl, it’s also possible to scan it in to the app for future use – just click that little image of the camera that’s in the image above and you can upload the coupon via it’s QR code.

Are the Lidl Plus Coupons worth it?

The coupons offered regularly through Lidl Plus are usually quite good because they often cover a range of products rather than specific items – for instance I’ve presently got one for 15% off of Lidl’s range of soft drinks, as opposed to being tied to a very specific product like orange squash.

Unlike other Supermarkets, I don’t believe the Lidl Plus coupons are specifically targeted to your shopping history – comparing it to others who use the Lidl Plus app I found we had exactly the same weekly vouchers consistently.

You must activate your Lidl Plus coupons before you can use them, which can easily catch people out.

A tip for seeing more Lidl Plus vouchers

One tip – the home screen on Lidl Plus shows some vouchers, but not all of them! Make sure you click the “coupons” tab in the bar at the bottom.

In there, there will a special coupon unique to an item in your local Lidl store, and the full range of vouchers available to you.

Lidl Plus Bakery Discount

There’s also a bonus coupon you can activate in Lidl Plus after 7pm each night, which will get you 30% off any remaining bakery items at Lidl.

You must activate this each day to use it – the activation isn’t rolling.

How do I get Lidl Plus?

Lidl Plus is entirely an app based loyalty scheme so you’re need to grab it off the App or Android Store to make use of the scheme – sign up is easy and just takes a few moments.

Is Lidl Plus worth it?

Yes, absolutely – Lidl Plus is easy to use and the vouchers are generally useful on something.

To earn serious money off though is likely to be limited to families or big spenders though, as the monthly amounts for the money off vouchers are quite high. If you do hit them however the % save is actually very beneficial relative to what other supermarkets give you.

Lidl have also made various expansions to Lidl Plus to create consistent rewards as you hit various spends. We thought the scheme was worthwhile even under the original construct, but we’re always happy to see more additions to it.

There’s only one thing we didn’t like about Lidl Plus and that’s the need to activate the vouchers each time – it’s easy to forget and an annoying hurdle to jump through, rather than having them apply automatically.

Can I share a Lidl Plus account?

Yes you can, and given Lidl Plus works on the basis of providing rewards based on hitting spending targets it’s a sensible idea to do so. It maximizes your chances of hitting the spend targets if it’s a combined effort between you and a partner or other family member!

In order to share your account, you’ll need one of you to sign up to Lidl Plus, then the other to also install the app but to log in under the same account – any spends or vouchers will then apply from both phones under the one account.

Why are my Lidl Plus coupons not working?

Slightly annoyingly and one of the things I think is weaker about Lidl Plus is that your coupons do not apply automatically and this is the most common reason. Y

You must click “activate” by each offer – once done, the coupon should automatically apply when you scan your Lidl Plus card at the till.

Is Lidl Plus free?

Yes, Lidl Plus is completely free and just requires you to download the app and sign up!

How does Lidl Plus compare to other Supermarket loyalty?

And if you’d like to read about other supermarket loyalty schemes, we’ve got a review of Tesco Clubcard here, a review of MyWaitrose here, a review of Asda Rewards here, a review of Morrisons Mores here and a guide to earning more Nectar points here.

And do check out our guide to the best loyalty cards and apps in the UK!

How have you found Lidl Plus?

Have you had any great savings with Lidl Plus, or have questions about the app? It’d be great to hear from you, so let us know in the comments below!

And that’s it!

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9 thoughts on “Is Lidl Plus worth it?”

    • I’m afraid not – the Lidl Plus terms and conditions cap it off after the £200 spend! Thanks for reading.

  1. Absolutely useless loyalty program which rewards high-spend level rather than acutal brand loyalty. I have shopped at Lidl for over 23 years so I would say I am a loyal customer. However, I very rarely qualify for the coupons because as a single-person household, I cannot spend anywhere near £100 in a month, let alone £200! To use a current buzz-word, this is blatant discrimination against smaller households. don’t even get me started on the very short redemption times for any rewards earned (a matter of days only, mostly).

  2. Lidl gives many Coupons discount but most discounted items not available in store. e.g. the 15% discount on Alesto Salted nuts. Only 2 Out of the 10+ types of nuts was available.
    Same always happens most times when there is discounted coupon items.

    I also got Money off voucher after spending quite some money in a month but then it did not accept the voucher when redeemed. Staff in store can’t help and advice to contact customer service. This seems to be a rip-off.

    • Hi Raj, I’ve also found that sometimes the offers can be occasionally difficult to get hold of – 9 times out of 10 I get what I’m after but it’s sometimes frustrating if that 1 is the one you really wanted! It seems less of a problem in their bigger stores but that’s not always practical

      What I haven’t had is issues with the money off spend voucher – doesn’t sound like you got the best customer service there.

      Thanks for reading, I appreciate it!

  3. We have gave on it after a few weeks. To get a £2:00 reward for £100:00 of shopping is not worth the bother of the app and the vouchers were generally for nothing that we normally buy. Might just be our lack of awareness, but it does seem overly complicated for little reward……but, I could be wrong. I would be much keener to use Lidl, if they could get the basics, like continuity of supply.

  4. Rewards are not worth the outlay. Coupons given for overpriced sub-standard produce. Also, 30% reduction on bakery foods that by 7pm are hard around the edges. 65% discount would be more realistic. Other supermarkets make huge reductions and don’t limit you.

  5. On several occasions I have forgot to scan my phone at the checkout, so I end up not getting the special offers I have in the trolly discounted from my bill.There should be away of rectifying this problem after checkout.Why do we have to scan in the first place, other stores just give the discount as Yr item goes through the till.This is a way of lidl not actually giving u any discount at the till because you forget to scan Yr phone.Nothing more than a scam I reckon


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