Editorial Policy

A fundamental principle of the blog is that any payment received, be that through sponsored post or affiliate link will not affect the editorial view, and comments on the positive or negative aspects of products will be based on the authors honest opinion. This is something we take very seriously at the Wilderness – we know that you want the truth on if something is worth it, not what a marketing department says.

We purposefully do not promote gambling (including matched betting), cryptocurrencies or unnecessary loans on this blog. We just don’t see these as good things.


The information on this website should be constituted as potential suggestions only and in no way form regulated financial advice. If you are in doubt about any form of financial advice or product, you should speak to a regulated and reputable financial advisor.

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You are responsible for thinking about your financial position, and if use of products or financial ideas are right for you. It is important that you do your own research to assess if any potential action is right for your individual circumstances.

We provide all information in good faith but as laws and financial products change and with a vast degree of products in the market, we cannot guarantee the accuracy and completeness of any information provided.

Any information on The Financial Wilderness constitutes solely the author’s views, and does not represent the views of his employer or any connected entity.

The Financial Wilderness may includes references to products. These may refer to items that the author believes to be a good product based either on personal use or anecdotal experience. Nevertheless, please note that referencing on the blog does not constitute any formal endorsement, and should not be taken as such.

Affiliate Policy

The Financial Wilderness may receive a small referral payment if you buy something through an affiliate link on this website. Buying through one of these links does not affect the price you pay or affect the sale in any way.


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