About Me

I’m Dan, and I’ve worked in various roles in Banking and Finance within the City of London for the last ten years.

I first discovered the world of investments in an unusual way – I was bored on the internet and entered a virtual stock picking competition. That started off an interest in understanding investments, exactly what companies do and how to make the best use of your hard earned money.

A natural love of things running efficiently coupled with the mindset of an economist (and no, I don’t mean cheap!) started to expand into moving beyond investments into how to generally manage your money effectively – and eventually into a passion for sharing what I know through this blog!

When not found writing out about how you can use your money effectively I enjoy good food, a good book, travelling into the real wilderness and going and discovering weird and wonderful events around London.

I hold the CISI Investment Advice Diploma, and have both professional and personal experience in working on a variety of financial products through my career.

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