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Hello everyone! McDonalds recently became the latest company to offer a loyalty scheme – despite the size and popularity of the organisation, not something they’ve done before. Today, we’re reviewing the new MyMcDonald’s Rewards offering and looking at if it’s worth it or not.

One note is that there was one place McDonald’s did have a loyalty element before, and that was on the purchases of coffee – the coffee stamp scheme has been integrated with MyMcDonald’s and now simply part of it.

You’ll also need to use the McDonald’s app to take part – it’s pretty clear McDonald’s see their app is being part of the future of the company, and this is an attempt to “nudge” you towards using it.

Note: All details of the MyMcDonald’s scheme are correct at time of writing, but loyalty schemes are always subject to change based on what the company does!

This article is also based on the MyMcDonald’s UK scheme – aspects may apply globally, but you’ll likely find some regional differences.

What is MyMcDonalds?

MyMcDonald’s is a spend-and-earn loyalty based app linked to your McDonald’s account and earn points on spending.

You’ll earn 1 MyMcDonald’s point for every penny you spend. Once you’ve earned points, there are three levels of “reward” you can cash them in at – something small at 1500 points, something medium at 2500 points or something bigger at 5500 points. We’ve more details on the specific rewards below.

How do I earn MyMcDonald’s points?

In order to earn MyMcDonald’s points you’ll need a McDonald’s account on the app.

The simplest way to make sure you get points is simply to place an order for in store collection or delivery via the McDonald’s app (and not by third party delivery services) – this will cause your points to be credited automatically.

If you’re using another method (a touch-screen order, in person kiosk or a drive thru) then you’ll need to use a onetime code. Simply open the McDonald’s app and hit code, then before you order tell the person you’re ordering with what this is. If you’re at a kiosk, there’s also a QR code that you can scan.

A picture of what the code page looks like below:

A picture of the rewards code page for MyMcDonalds Rewards in the McDonalds App.

You’ll also helpfully receive 1500 MyMcDonald’s rewards points to get your started.

What rewards are available with MyMcDonald’s points?

As per above, there are three different “tiers” you can cash in a reward at. The items listed are what McDonald’s have as rewards at this point, but they’ve indicated they’re likely to change over time (you can see what is available now in the McDonald’s app).

Update: In July 2023, McDonald’s made updates to add some extra items in the MyMcDonald’s reward tiers and added a new bracket of a cash in at 5500 points, which we’ve updated this article to reflect.

(Note: Some items are not available at certain times, like during breakfast)

My McDonald’s Rewards at 1500 Points

Your options are:

  • A small fries
  • A medium salad
  • A regular McCafe item (any)
  • A mini-McFlurry
  • A hash brown
  • A regular size drink (any)
  • A £1.50 charity donation

My McDonald’s Rewards at 2500 Points

Your options are:

  • A Vegetable Deluxe
  • Bacon Mayo Chicken
  • Cheesy Bacon Flatbread
  • A medium fries
  • A double cheeseburger
  • An apple pie
  • A £2.50 charity donation

My McDonald’s Rewards at 4000 Points

Your options are:

  • A Big Mac
  • A double sausage and egg McMuffin
  • A large crispy chicken salad.
  • 6 chicken McNuggets
  • A McChicken Sandwich
  • A Filet-O-Fish
  • A £4.00 charity donation

My McDonald’s Rewards at 5500 points

Your options are:

  • A McSpicy
  • A Mighty McMuffin
  • A McCrispy
  • A Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese
A picture of a McCafe earned with MyMcDonald's Rewards

How much is a MyMcDonald’s point worth?

The exact value of a MyMcDonald’s Rewards points is hard to exactly pin as it depends on what reward you cash it in for.

However we see the reward benefit as varying between approximate0.3p and 1.36p per every pound spent – whilst other reward schemes are more generous, McDonalds is largely acting from a cheaper starting point.

What is the best value use of MyMcDonald’s Rewards points?

We’d always simply say you should order when you’re going to enjoy the most – but if you’re looking to maximise value, we’ve done a bit of number crunching to work out what item you’d pay the most for at level.

At the 1,500 level the best value item for use of My McDonalds Rewards points is to go for one of the more expensive McCafe items, like a Cappuccino, Flat White, Latte or Toffee Latte.

At the 2,500 level the best value item for use of My McDonalds Rewards points (and the best value use of points overall) is the Vegetable Deluxe – the price on the menu puts this in line with other items that are in the 4,000 bucket.

At the 4,000 level the best value item for use of My McDonalds Rewards points is the Big Mac or the McChicken Sandwich.

At the 5,550 level the best value item for use of My McDonalds Rewards points is the Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

What are McDonald’s Monday’s?

The other main benefit to MyMcDonald’s Rewards is that you’ll get access to McDonald’s Mondays, a regular promotion.

When you put in your order via the McDonald’s app, this will get you discounts on both a breakfast item between 5am and 11am, and a regular menu item from 11am onwards. (Variable each week depending on the promotion).

They’re often fairly heavily discounted and largely good deals, although usually can’t be combined with other promotions like extra value meals.

Overall Review of MyMcDonald’s Rewards

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

MyMcDonald’s Rewards makes good use of McDonald’s existing technology and some fairly generous rewards (and plenty of choice) given the fact McDonald’s is already targeting the lower cost end of the market.

Easy to use for those in restaurants or ordering via app, but the code system could be better for Drive-Thru users – it’s their only choice to get rewards and not perhaps intutive/likely to be remembered.

Positives of MyMcDonald’s Rewards

  • Fair reward back for a value product
  • Good choice of reward options.
  • Well integrated into McDonald’s existing technology.
  • Relatively easy to understand and use.

Negatives of MyMcDonald’s Rewards

  • Code system is not so intuitive over scanning a card/app, especially for Drive-Thru users who are reliant on this.
  • Value of rewards is quite variable and inconsistent.

Is my MyMcDonald’s Rewards free?

Yes. MyMcDonald’s Rewards is free to sign up for and use.

How do I sign up to MyMcDonald’s Rewards?

Just download and install the McDonald’s App – you’ll see prompts for MyMcDonald’s Rewards automatically.

How to get free bonus MyMcDonald’s points

There are quite a few ways to get some bonus MyMcDonald’s points.

  • The first easy one is simply to sign up and make an order – you’ll get an initial 1,500 MyMcDonalds Rewards bonus points.
  • If you go to the “Rewards and Offers” tab and scroll down, you’ll find a section called “bonus points” – a picture below. This will highlight certain products that will nab you extra points if you order them. Promotions run for double or extra points on a fairly regular basis.
  • If you have existing McCafe stamps, they are convertable to be worth 300 MyMcDonalds Rewards bonus points each.

Do I earn MyMcDonald’s Rewards point on Delivery fees?

You’ll earn the full rate on your standard order when ordering Delivery through McDelivery, but no points are earned on the delivery charges itself.

Importantly, you do not earn points on any delivery orders placed through third party companies.

Do MyMcDonald’s points expire?

Yes, MyMcDonald’s points will expire a year after earning them.

Inside a McDonalds claiming MyMcDonald's Rewards

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Any questions?

Enjoy your meal! We hope we’ve covered any questions you have about the MyMcDonald’s Rewards scheme, but if we’ve missed anything or you have any questions, then please just let us know in the comments box below.

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