Is Deliveroo Plus worth it? Our review


Hello everyone! It’s amazing how much Deliveroo has become a feature of modern life in cities. It feels like those speedy green delivery bag are everywhere! Deliveroo has a premium service for regular users call Deliveroo Plus – today we’re reviewing this and asking our classic question – is it worth it?

What is Deliveroo Plus?

Deliveroo Plus is a premium service offered by the food delivery company for those who order food or groceries frequently by allowing a one off fee to be paid as opposed to regularly paying delivery costs.

It’s therefore aimed at those who are using Deliveroo at least a couple of times a month – from the perspective of Deliveroo, they’re wanting to encourage you to use the service more frequently.

The Deliveroo Plus logo for our Deliveroo Plus review.

What does Deliveroo Plus do?

Deliveroo Plus has two different levels of membership – both offer free delivery, but to different amounts and price points. We’ve included details below or here’s Deliveroo’s webpage on the offerings.

Deliveroo Plus Gold Benefits and Pricing

Deliveroo Plus Gold offers free delivery with orders for food or groceries of over £10.

This costs a £7.99 per month subscription.

Deliveroo Plus Silver Benefits and Pricing

Deliveroo Plus Silver offers free delivery with orders for food or groceries of over £25.

This costs £3.49 per month subscription.

Is Deliveroo Plus worth it?

It depends on what you order regularly. Living in Zone 2 London, I found delivery fees for places around me ranged from about £0.99 through to £3.99, with most being in the £2 region.

On this basis, I’ve analysed each of the two options of Deliveroo Plus Silver and Gold to see if they’re worth it:

Is Deliveroo Plus Silver worth it?

I would generally save money by using Deliveroo Plus Silver – but the key twist is the £25 minimum. If you’re ordering in a couple this probably isn’t an issue (although may be with a cheaper takeaway) but a single person is unlikely to hit the threshold.

Is Deliveroo Plus Gold worth it?

The £7.99 outlay per month is quite hefty, and so you’d really need to be a very frequent Deliveroo user of at least 4 times per month for this to begin to pay for itself.

Free Deliveroo Plus Silver with Amazon Prime

I would just note that one key benefit of an Amazon Prime subscription is that it provides free Deliveroo Plus Silver membership for 1 year – if you’ve got a Prime subscription, well worth having!

You can activate this either by going to Amazon, clicking “account and lists” under your username and selecting “My Prime Membership” then scrolling down to where it says Deliveroo Plus.

Or the easier way to do this is by going to and logging into your Deliveroo account where you’ll be prompted to link the accounts.

How can I subscribe to Deliveroo Plus?

Click on the account button within the Deliveroo App or on the Deliveroo web page, and you’ll see an option for Deliveroo Plus – clicking this will open up a screen showing you the different membership options.

An picture from the app below to illustrate the point:

How to find Deliveroo Plus in the Deliveroo app.

How do I cancel Deliveroo Plus?

lick on the account button within the Deliveroo App or on the Deliveroo web page, and you’ll see an option for Deliveroo Plus.

When you click on this, you’ll see an option for “My Subscription” – if you click on this, there’s on option to cancel your membership in there.

How long is a Deliveroo Plus subscription?

You subscribe to Deliveroo Plus on a monthly basis, and can cancel it at any time.

What alternatives are there to Deliveroo Plus?

Deliveroo’s main competition in the UK is Uber Eats and Just Eat. Uber has a similar subscription called Uber One, which we’ve reviewed here.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about Deliveroo Plus, or even just want to let us know your favourite takeaway we’d love to hear from you! Just drop us a note in the comments below.

And that’s it!

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