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Hello everyone! Pret a Manager tends to be many an office workers go to spot for lunch…. but did you know they now have a loyalty scheme in the form of Pret Perks?

If there’s one thing The Financial Wilderness loves it’s a loyalty scheme somewhere we may make purchases from anyhow, and so today we’re going to do a review of Pret Perks to see if it’s worth it.

We’ll also note that Pret Perks also provides benefits for the Pret Coffee Subscription, which there was quite a bit of news coverage on last near.

Note: All information is correct at time of writing, but loyalty schemes are of course always subject to change as companies update things.

What is Pret Perks?

Perk Perks is a stamp per purchase type loyalty scheme which give you rewards upon making regular visits.

Every time you make a purchase (there is no minimum spend) you’ll get a star. On hitting 10 stars, you’ll get the chance to cash them in for an extra perk.

What do you get after 10 Pret Perk stamps?

The perk itself is changeable – but think a small treat, like something with your coffee.

Pret claim to match up your perks with your preferences based on your purchase history to find a perk suitable for you (those I’ve had I’ve liked, but I haven’t had enough yet to be able to reach a conclusion on how accurate this is). To date I’ve had a cookie, croissant and a choice of any bakery item.

We’d be really interested to hear what items people have actually got as their Pret Perks and how much variety there is, so please do get in touch letting us know what you’ve had back.

How can I get Pret Perks?

There are two main ways to access Pret Perks:

Downloading the Pret a Manger App

Downloading the Pret a Manger app is probably the easiest way to access Pret Perks as the QR code is immediately accessible within the app. You’ll need to create an account with Pret a Manger to do this.

Once done, you can also add your Pret Perks QR code to your Apple Wallet.

Logging into the Pret a Manger Website:

You can also manage your Pret Perks through the Pret a Manger website – if you log in there on your phone, you can pull up the QR code within your account to scan at the till.

An image of the Pret Perks QR Code in the Pret a Manger App

Is Pret Perks free?

Yes, using Pret Perks is completely free but obviously you’ll have to make some purchases in order to get the benefits!

Can I get Pret Perks for a Pret Coffee Subscription?

You’ll get stars upon taking or renewing a subscription (although I don’t have one myself – if anyone reading can confirm how many you get to update this appreciated!)

You’ll also get additional stars for picking up anything else with your subscription drink.

And if you want to know if the Pret Coffee Subscription is worth it or not, we’ve got a great article at that link!

Is there a minimum spend to get a Pret Perks star?

No, you can get a Pret Perks star for any spend at all.

Overall Review of Pret Perks

Pret Perks is very much a nice to have scheme – small rewards on a product which is a relatively cheap market option, but worth it because a visit to Pret a Manager is a daily ritual for many office workers.

We think it’s worth adding this to your phone if likely to be visiting Pret anyhow. The rewards are more “nice to have” and not big enough to go out to your way for a Pret, but every little extra helps!

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Any questions?

We’re really keen to gather more data on how Pret Perks work in practice so please do let us know about your rewards and experiences!

And that’s it!

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