Is a Boots Advantage Card worth it?

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Hello everyone! We’re huge fans of a loyalty card here at the Financial Wilderness and today I’m sharing my review of the Boots Advantage Card – is it worth it or not? Find out below!

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What are the benefits of a Boots Advantage Card?

You earn points at a rate of 3 points per £ spent in Boots – and with each point being worth 1p, that’s a 3% rate of cashback on your purchases.

(Note: Boots unfortunately reduced the earnings rate from 4 points per £ in May 2023)

That’s actually pretty strong compared to many loyalty cards and one of the reasons I wanted to write about Boots Advantage Card specifically. When you compare it to other high street loyalty cards it stands up as one of the best out there (many other schemes pay around the 1% mark, if that).

However we’re not done – you can make your Boots Advantage Card work even harder….

How to maximise Boots Advantage Card points

The secret to really racking up points with your Boots Advantage Card is to download the Boots App.

The reason for this is that once you’ve set up your Boots Advantage Card account, there’s a tab within the app called ‘My Offers’. You can see it in the picture below, just below the middle of the right hand side.

An overview of how to find offers in the Boots Advantage Card app

With it you’ll find (usually) five offers which update weekly and provide an extra points benefit if you buy something .

(A quick side note here – you do need to opt in to each offer for it to apply (personally if I’m buying something from Boots, I open the app in store and add on any relevant offers just before I make my purchase).

Most of those offers will provide an extra points bonus for buying something which is often a Boots own-brand product.

However what I think is worth highlighting is there’s usually a particularly generous extra points bonus for spending a certain amount, and those offers tend to be very good when you work out the return rate.

For instance, at the moment I have an offer for 300 extra points for a £30 spend. In itself that’s rather nice – it equates to a 10% top up on my purchase in the form of £3. But remember you’ll also get the points from spending the £30 as well, so the actual total loyalty return is 13%, or £3.90.

Just remember points bonuses should always be seen as an opportunity to earn a little more on something you want to purchase anyhow rather than being an excuse to spend! Nonetheless if you are making a purchase from Boots anyhow, it’s well worth doing this.

An example of the offers selection page from the Boots Advantage Card app is below:

An example of the beneficial offers you can review in the Boots Advantage Card app

Are there any other advantages to the Boots App?

The Boots app does also make the Boots Advantage Card easy to use (you can simply show the barcode in your app and therefore don’t need to worry about carrying a physical card).

You can also manage any prescriptions you regularly get from Boots via the app, or book in for one of their in store appointment services such as travel vaccinations.

Beyond that you’ll find what you’d expect for any shop app – the ability to search for products or view offers available at the moment, but the app is at well designed and easy to use.

Student Discount at Boots

If you’re a student there’s a little extra you can get with the Boots Advantage Card – a 10% discount on each purchase.

You need an Advantage Card to do this – but if you head in store with your student card the cashier can link your student card to the Boots Advantage Card.

In future when you scan your Advantage Card, the extra student discount will apply automatically.

How can I spend my Boots Advantage Card points?

Simply ask at the till when you’re making any purchase for your points to be used and your points will be applied before making a purchase. If you’re purchasing from the Boots website, you’ll be given the opportunity to apply your points when you’re checking out your purchase.

Overall Review of the Boots Advantage Card

Rating: 5 out of 5.

With one of the most generous standard return rates for spending among any shop on the UK high street coupled with some very generous offers to get extra points, we think the Boots Advantage Card is an absolute must for your wallet.

How can I sign up for the Boots Advantage Card?

You can sign up for a Boots Advantage Card at the Boots website right here.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about the Boots Advantage Card, or have secured any particularly great bargains we would absolutely love to hear from you! Just drop us a note in the comments below.

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