Review – is Leon Club worth it?

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Hello everyone! When in London commuter mode there’s the ongoing battle of where to go for lunch, and a favourite of mine is Leon – the “better” fast food place from the brains of John Vincent, Henry Dimbleby and Allegra McEvedy. Leon’s previous reward schemes have always been quite generous – so when I saw they were relaunching their loyalty scheme in the form of Leon Club I thought I’d do a review and see if it still stacks up!

Leon are increasingly expanding around the UK – during some Christmas driving I found they’re also now a feature in many motorway service stations as well as commuter hotspots. It’s a slightly premium lunch, but a nice change from a standard meal deal offer or other commuter favourite Pret A Manger (also, check out our review of Pret Perks here).

And obviously the first rule of Leon club is you can’t talk about…..oh wait? We can? Phew, that’s a relief.

What is Leon Club?

Leon Club is a relatively simple points based system. You can earn points when ordering your food at a kiosk in store, and will receive 1 point per pence spent – or a 100 points per pound if you prefer.

Once you’ve amassed 3,000 points (£30 worth of spending) you can trade this in for a free item off the menu.

Once you’re signed up to Leon Club (more on that below), you’ll have a personalised code – you need to make sure you either input this at the kiosk each time you order, or order via the app to collect your points.

Is Leon Club worth it?

So is this worth it in practice? The answer I think is very much a yes based on recent experiences – I ordered a “meal deal” of a main, drink and side and found when applying my points to it the whole meal deal came off.

With the Leon meal deal being just a shade over £10, this is effectively a whopping 33% return on spending, which is pretty incredible.

Even if you were to go for a regular menu item it’ll still be generous. Trying this out by taking another of my favourites, a satay chicken rice box (£7.29 eat in) and applying the 3000 Leon Club points to it, the return is still just under 25%.

That’s very generous by the standards of any loyalty scheme.

The Leon Club logo in the Leon Club App for our review.

How do I join Leon club?

To join the Leon club, you’ll need your smartphone. Download the Leon club app from your relevant app store and sign up.

Once done and you’ve input your details you’ll be logged in. You can either get points by:

  • If you order to collect in store and pay on your phone, the points will be applied automatically.
  • If you pay via kiosk you’ll need to log in by putting in your unique number, which you can find on the “Rewards” tab of the Leon Club App.

In both cases, you’ll be given the option to apply your points at checkout.

Leon Discount Voucher

At time of writing (note I can’t guarantee this won’t be withdrawn) Leon will also give a voucher for 30% off your next order when signing up for Leon Club.

A picture of the Leon Club App for our review.

Are there any negatives to Leon Club?

The Leon Club scheme is very generous – whilst I don’t think there a major downsides, there’s a couple of minor frustrations.

The big one is that the code you have to enter when ordering in a kiosk is fairly long – a minor annoyance given McDonald’s loyalty scheme (which we review here) employs a simple QR code system. It’s not a big problem, but can be frustrating.

Secondly you’ll sometimes need to engage in tactical ordering to get the most out of using your points, as redeeming them can apply to the cheapest item on your order list. You can switch off the “apply points” if the wrong thing is reduced before confirming your order, but be mindful of checking that you’re at the point of best value when cashing them in.

Overall review of Leon Club

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Leon Club is hugely rewarding even if you’re only an occasional Leon visitor, and well worth signing up for.

Just make sure you’re getting a high value item when redeeming your points.

Any questions?

If you have any questions or thoughts on Leon Club please do drop us a note in the comments below!

And that’s it!

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