Is the O2 Priority app worth it?

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Hello everyone! Mid-last year I made a switch of phone network to O2 as part of a SIM-only deal. It’s my first time on the network as any other time I’ve looked at it I’ve found the packages relatively premium for what I was after as a relatively light user. Any O2 user can also access the O2 priority app which contains a range of benefits.

I didn’t have high hopes based on my previous experience of most brands deals app, however have found the O2 priority app actually really valuable. I though I’d write about that today, as it’s provided much more of a perk to being on the network than I expected.

Note: We try and keep this page up to date and highlight the offers which are regular appearances on O2 Priority rather than one-off’s, but they do change all the time so just be aware!

I’m writing about this because I like it, but: The Financial Wilderness may also receive a small payout if you make a purchase through a link on this site. It won’t affect the service you receive and we recommend only what we honestly believe to be the best available, not what gives us commission. You can read more about our affiliate policy on our disclaimers page.

The opening screen of the O2 Priority App

Get a good mobile deal as your first priority

Now whilst this article is about a good loyalty perk, I’d always suggest you make your focus getting a good core phone package first – I went with O2 not because of Priority, but because they were simply the cheapest deal I could get.

I usually suggest taking a look at the website for each network first (rarely the cheapest) to baseline a cost. I then run through a few of the comparison sites (I say a few because I find that different deals do appear on different sites) – my usual go to is MoneySupermarket but my deal this time was through USwitch where I got an £8 a month package with 8GB of data and unlimited texts and calls.

It’s also worth seeing if you can save anything additional by going through a cashback site like TopCashback at the same time – I was able to get a further £10 back on my package.

(Using a cashback site to save when shopping is of my easiest but most effective moneysaving tips – read more about how TopCashback works here if you’re not familiar).

Now let’s take a look at the perks:

Free Cafe Nero each month with O2 Priority

May 2022 Update: This was previously a coffee each week at Cafe Nero, but O2 seem to have replaced this with a free coffee from Cafe Nero once a month and a weekly coffee at Greggs. It’s an overall gain in net coffee terms, but we were a fan of the Nero offer and hope they bring it back!

This has been the biggest one by far for me – I absolutely love coffee, appreciate having one when out but try and limit my spending on them when I have good stuff at home!

However a Cafe Nero each week has become a nice weekly treat – as a large drink is around the £3 mark by having one each week this is equivalent to a £12 a month benefit, actually bigger than my monthly cost. You even get a loyalty stamp each time you collect it!

The weekly free Cafe Nero offer in the O2 Priority App, which we think is worth  it.

Free O2 Priority Greggs Coffee and Breakfast

O2 Priority presently has two Greggs offers running on a frequent basis:

Free Greggs Breakfast / Sausage Roll / Pizza

You can also get either a free breakfast roll, sausage roll, vegan sausage roll or pizza roll from Greggs on a Friday or Saturday morning or lunchtime.

All you need to do is get the voucher from the O2 priority app to scan.

Free Greggs Coffee

O2 have replaced their Cafe Nero offer with a weekly coffee from Greggs – simply activate the voucher in the O2 Priority App when you’re in Greggs to redeem. You can use this offer on a large as well.

O2 Priority Discounted Disney+ Offer

O2 priority can also be one of the better ways to subscribe to Disney+. If you do so via a method of adding on your subscription to your O2 bill, the monthly plan will be cheaper by £2 a month at £5.99 vs. £7.99.

It can be worth cancelling and re-subscribing this way if you’re already a Disney+ user for the saving.

Note that for this offer, there’s a couple of restrictions – you have to have purchased your plan directly from O2, and have to be on certain tariffs so check first before you redeem this!

Free Duolingo Plus for 3 months with O2 Priority

I really like the Duolingo app for teaching the basics of learning a new language, and this is now enhanced by the offer from O2 Priority to get Duolingo Plus free for 3 month.

This removes both ads and the “heart” penalty system meaning you can learn continuously rather than having to take a break if you get a few answers wrong.

Free O2 Priority Odeon Cinema Ticket

O2 Priority are also offering a complimentary UK 2D cinema ticket for an Odeon screening on any Monday – a nice little moneysaver.

10,000 tickets are released each week on the Tuesday before at Midday – and you’ll usually need to nab these in advance and plan ahead if you want one.

Free O2 Priority Beer, Wine or Cocktails at O’Neill’s, Ember Inns and Sizzling Pubs

O2 Priority also presently has a partnership with the O’Neill’s, Ember Inns and Sizzling Pubs chains for a “Thursday Thursday” where you can get not just one, but two free drinks each Thursday between 5pm and 8pm. This includes beer, wine and soft drinks and has now been expanded to other drinks such a cocktails as well – just remember to drink responsibly!

You can find the offer and the full list of available drinks options within the O2 Priority app.

O2 Priority specific Deals and Freebies

When I hear about deals being offered on a platform like this my cynical side usually comes out. I see too many “deal platform” type sites offering things that either you can get anywhere, are of very dubious quality or you find any remotely similar site has. That isn’t the case here.

However I’ve found the deals I’ve got through O2 Priority are actually pretty good value and real discounts on things I’ve actually felt I’ve wanted – so far I’ve nabbed a discount cocktail making set, a free “Treasure Trail” walking puzzle and an online escape room type game.

The companies involved are obviously hoping you’ll become a repeat customer, but they’re a well curated bunch of choices.

O2 Priority Ticket Releases

I’m not a huge concert goer myself, but O2 obviously sponsor one of London’s main venues in the form of (drum roll)……the O2. It’ll always be the Millennium Dome to me – I still remember going on a school trip there in 2000!

If you are a big concert fan and am looking forward to them coming back soon then tickets on the big stage are usually released 48 hours in advance with a pre-sale to O2 members. This includes some big names and given how quickly tickets get to go and sadly the accompanying price gouging that can come with it, it’s a useful perk.

(It’s also not just things at the O2 – Secret Cinema tickets are another good example). Sometimes, but not always they have discounts as well.

An example of Priority Tickets for Gigs in the O2 Priority App.

Good Competitions

Whilst these are more of a matter of chance, there’s also a series of good competitions on the app as well – after the year we’ve had I am extremely hopefully of winning a trip to a sun-kissed paradise.

So is O2 Priority worth it?

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Yes – it’s an add-on for users of the network that I feel unlike most tacked on extra will over some form of value to most people using it.

If you’re on O2 and not using it’s absolutely worth downloading for sure.

The question of it you should change network is a trickier one – having used it I can honestly say that if prices between two deals were close, it is a factor that would make me more likely to choose O2 – however for the sake of any significant difference just go with the very best deal -unless- you think you’d make very frequent use of one of the perks above.

How do I get O2 Priority?

To get the O2 priority app simply search for O2 Priority on either the Apple or Android app store. To register you’ll need to sign in to your O2 account.

O2 Priority for Virgin Media Customers

Since the end of 2021, Virgin Media customers are now also able to sign up to the benefits of O2 Priority.

In order to take advantage, simply download the O2 Priority app and at the login screen you’ll see an option where you can put in your Virgin Media account details to get started.

And that’s it!

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