Is Greggs Rewards worth it? Our Review

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Hello everyone! If there’s one business that’s really expanded across the UK in the last couple of years it’s Greggs, the UK bakery chain. Greggs have a accompanying loyalty scheme called Greggs Rewards – today we’re conduction a review of the scheme and asking if it’s worth it!

What is Greggs Rewards?

Greggs Rewards is a loyalty scheme that provides you with free items after a number of purchases – however it works in a different manner to similar loyalty schemes elsewhere.

To get benefit from Greggs Rewards, you’ll need to top-up a payment wallet within the Greggs app, and then pay in store using this with a QR code. You can top up by a minimum of £5 at a time, and also set-up the account to auto top-up if you prefer.

The other key difference to other loyalty schemes is that instead of getting a universal stamp with every visit, your stamp will be specific to what you buy across a number of categories:

  • Savouries and Bakes
  • Drinks and Snacks
  • Sandwiches and Salads
  • Sweet Treats
  • Hot Food
  • Breakfast Items

What do I get with Greggs Rewards?

When you make 9 purchases in any of the above categories, you’ll get any single item in that category for free next time!

The below image shows how your purchases will track against each category in the Greggs app:

Greggs Rewards App Review Picture

How do I collect Greggs Rewards?

When you use your Greggs app for payment, your purchases will automatically be tagged against any loyalty categories.

Can I pay by cash or card and still collect Greggs Rewards?

Unfortunately not, you have to pay using the Greggs wallet option.

How do I redeem Greggs Rewards?

Once you’ve filled your “stamps” in a Rewards category, the voucher for the free one will automatically apply to the next purchase you make. If you don’t want to spend it, you can switch usage of any voucher off in the “wallet” tab in the Greggs app.

Maximising value of Greggs Rewards

You may ask why you wouldn’t want to use a Greggs Rewards voucher immediately.

Well, if you’re purchasing something like the sandwich deal (which reduces the overall cost of items bought together), using a voucher stops the deal applying, and you may not save very much money compared to a purchase a time where you just want that item.

How do I get Greggs for free?

If you’re an O2 Customer, it’s very worth getting O2 Priority which we’ve reviewed here, as at time of writing they have a partnership with Greggs where you’ll get free coffee and baked goods once a week.

Are there any other advantages to having the Greggs app?

Then only major other advantage is being able to order items in store for click and collect (you will also get any Greggs Rewards benefits using this method as well).

Overall Review of Greggs Rewards

Rating: 3 out of 5.

The reliance on a top-up wallet is helpful to Greggs for managing their cash flow, but slightly annoying to you as the user.

Greggs Rewards is a helpful scheme which gets good freebies, but the mechanics of how it works feel quite old-fashioned for a loyalty scheme.

There’s some logic in stamps applying to individual categories of items, but it can lead to it taking longer than other schemes to get rewarded.

We come out saying that if you’re a regular at Greggs anyhow, Greggs Rewards probably is worth using. If you’re only nipping in occasionally, Greggs Rewards will hold limited value.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about Greggs Rewards or thoughts on using the scheme we’d love to hear from you! Just drop us a note in the comments below.

And that’s it!

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