Sainsbury's Nectar Logo for our review of Nectar Card

Is a Nectar Card worth it?


We examine if a Sainsbury's Nectar Card is worth it, and how to maximise saving money with offers and bonus promotions!

Drinks purchased with UK Shareholder Perks

What UK Shares come with Shareholder Perks?


We look at what UK Shareholder Perks are available, and how even holding a single share in a UK company can get you discounts.

Cash from making use of an ISA

Why should you make use of an ISA?


Today we explain what an ISA is and why we think most savvy savers should be using one, and review the types of ISA available.

Money Saved in an Active Savings Account

Is an Active Savings Account worth it?


We take a look at Active Savings Accounts, which enable you to get the highest interest rate on your money via a single signup.

A lady looking for activities to do for free or cheaply

10 ideas of things to do cheaply/for free at home.


Now we're all at home, the Wilderness provides some great ideas of things to do to keep productive, sharpen those skills and stave off boredom!

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How can I improve my Credit Score?


Today we look at various practical actions you can take in the short and long term to improve and maximise your credit score.

Clothes prepping to go on a Heated Airer

Is a Heated Airer worth it?


We review if a heated airer is worth it for drying your clothes, looking at why to use one, running costs and some of the best buys.

Lady on Phone Calling Premium Rate Phone Number

Avoiding Premium Rate phone Numbers


We explore how to avoid premium rate phone numbers, including using the WEQ4U app and SayNoto0870 website as potential tools.

Sky and Virgin Media image

How to Negotiate with Sky and Virgin Media


Today we look at a guide to negotiating the best deal with Sky and Virgin Media, especially if you're a long term customer!

Header for article on the best UK loyalty cards

The Best UK Loyalty Cards and Apps in 2024


We provide a guide to the best UK Loyalty Cards, Schemes and Apps available today to reward you for your spending.

Image of a phone for our review of the Best UK Personal Finance Apps in 2022

The Best UK Personal Finance Apps in 2024


The post covers comprehensive reviews of the best UK personal finance apps in categories like budgeting, cashback, freebies, and loyalty schemes.

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