A coffee cup from using the Club Pret Coffee Subscription

Is the Club Pret Coffee Subscription worth it?


We test out the Club Pret Coffee Subscription, and review if paying a flat fee for your coffee makes sense. Does it? Read on now!

Neon for Money Dashboard

Money Dashboard Neon Budgeting App Review


We review the Money Dashboard Neon budgeting app, and consider if this is something that can help people manage their finances.

Header image for our review of if is worth it, showing a picture from a hotel stay.

Is Rewards worth it? Our Review


We review the Rewards loyalty scheme and if it's worth it, including covering how the Rewards Tier system works.

Cables to signify our Nectar Connect Review

Is Nectar Connect worth it? Our Review


We review the Nectar Connect service, which can provide you with additional Nectar points when shopping at other retailers.

Picture of Black Forest - saving money on car hire header

How to save money on Car Hire


The Wilderness shares our best tips on how to save extra money on your Car Hire when going on your holidays!

Outside a McDonald's for MyMcDonald's Rewards Review

MyMcDonald’s Rewards Review – it is worth it?


We review the new MyMcDonald's Rewards loyalty scheme, which issues you points when dining in or getting delivery from McDonalds.

Using a UK Railcard on railroad tracks.

Is a Railcard worth it in the UK?


We look at the various UK Railcard choices that are available today and if they are worth it, and review which may help you save money.

A mobile being used for O2 Priority

Is the O2 Priority app worth it?


Today I take a look at the O2 Priority app, and consider if it's worth it if an existing company or worth switching to O2 for.

Zips as a symbol of our ZipCar UK Review

Is ZipCar worth it? Our review


We review the ZipCar short term car hire service after using it to make a short journey - did we think it was worth it?

A set of sunglasses lying on the beach

How I book a great value holiday – The Ultimate Guide


We provide our tips on how we research to book a great value holiday every time, including making great savings on hotels and flights.

Paying at a till with one of the best UK Cashback Credit Cards

The Best Cashback Credit Cards in the UK


We continue our series of the best UK credit cards by looking at Cashback cards, which give you a little bit of cash back in your account as you spend.