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Hello everyone! Whilst we’d absolutely love you to read The Financial Wilderness on a daily basis, there’s actually a huge amount of great UK Personal Finance blogs and websites out there. As a result, here’s my guide to the best UK Personal Finance Blogs in 2023.

In part, I’m writing this because I wanted to thank the UK Personal Finance Community (in particular UK Money Bloggers) for all their help. I knew plenty about finance when I set up The Financial Wilderness, but not so much about blogging. I was expecting to find everyone very competitive – to my surprise everyone was great!

So it’s a real pleasure to feature a range of writing from others in here. Some of these blogs have different niches to mine, so I’ve asked the owners of each UK personal finance blog I’m featuring to give a little summary of how they’d describe themselves.

A list of the Best UK Personal Finance Blogs

The Financial Wilderness

Found at:

About: I mean we’re always going to encourage you to read us first! The Financial Wilderness was set up to act as a “survival guide” to those feeling daunted about finance. We focus on how to get the most out of your money – both by understanding the investment world and maximising value on spending.

Bee Money Savvy

Found at:

About: A blog from Emma, Expect tips to help you stretch your money further, extra income opportunities, ways to claim freebies, and 100’s of competitions!

Be Clever with your Cash

Found at:

About: Andy’s site will help you make smart decisions with your spending and saving so you can get the most from your money. Expect reviews, deals, best-buys and much more!

Picture of a Best UK Personal Finance Blog - be clever with your cash.

The Twenty Per Cent

Found at:

About: Run by Katie, The Twenty Percent aims to help young people take control of their money and reach their financial goals!

Debt Camel

Found at:

About: Run by Sara, Debt Camel is a website providing resources, advice and solutions in an accessible jargon-free way to those who are struggling to manage debts.

Money Saving Central

Found at:

About: Run by Claire, Money Saving Central provides tips on ways to make money, save money, find deals and keep consumers up to date with the hottest UK sale dates.


Found at:

About: Run by Or, Cordbusters is a specialist site with news, guides and reviews on how to save money on your TV watching and home entertainment needs.


Found at:

About: Run by Naresh, NJUR life helps people make investing decisions to invest their money wisely and how to control the emotions when it comes to managing money to achieve financial goals.

The Money Principle

Found at:

About: The Money Principle is run by Maria, a business school professor who shares her experiences of escaping consumer debt and putting healthy and sustainable money and investing approaches in place.

Skint Dad:

Found at:

About: Ricky and Naomi run Skint Dad, which helps people save on everyday spending such as the cost of your supermarket shop and days outs and gives tips to earn more money.

Money Talk

Found at:

About: Money Talk is a newsletter and website that’s designed to help you save money and grow wealth. This year there’s a big slant on money matters for freelancers, including different tax considerations and policy changes.

Up the Gains

Found at:

About: Run by Sammie, Up the Gains is aimed at financial education and teaching people about investing, earning and budgeting.

Money Marshmallow

Found at:

About: Run by Roosa, Money Marshmallow provides creative tips for managing your personal finances, including saving, making money, investing and smart spending.

Much More with Less

Found at:

About: Faith at Much More with Less blogs about moving to the country, living on less and making the most of it. I cover everything from frugal food and budget activities for kids to investments, pensions and tax.

Picture of a Best UK Personal Finance Blog - Much More with Less

The Money Wise Mum

Found at:

About: Heidi blogs about her journey paying off huge debts following becoming a single parent and putting herself through university. She talks about how she budgets, saves for short, medium and long term goals, mental health in paying off debt solo and loads more!


Found at:

About: Run by Jennifer, Monethalia is a resource to help people to reach financial independence. It is a beginner-friendly sites covering investment basics, financial literacy, as well as opportunities to make and save money.

Mrs Mummypenny

Found at:

About: Run by Lynn, Mrs Mummypenny is one of the most established personal finance sites after being established during maternity leave. The aim is to provide a guide to getting the best value from every pound, alongside maintaining a healthy body and mind.

Picture of a Best UK Personal Finance Blog - Mrs MummyPenny

The Wallet Moth

Found at:

About: Yaz runs The Wallet Moth, a frugal living and minimalist site that focuses on helping others make the most of living with less. The site features money saving advice, tips for decluttering and savvy spending, as well as more general personal finance advice.

Latest Free Stuff

Found at:

About: Deepak hand-picks the top 10 freebies running everyday and updates it on his website. There’s lots of big brands including Nivea, Fairy, Kleenex, Coca-Cola and many more. Almost all of it free delivery so there’s nothing to lose!

Mind Over Money Matters

Found at:

About: Tracy at Mind Over Money Matters focuses on sharing ways to Spend Smarter and Travel Smarter, maximising the value and maximising the joy of the money you spend everyday.

Picture of a Best UK Personal Finance Blog - Mind Over Money Matters

The Finfluencer

Found at:

About: The Finfluencer provides weekly articles on the emotional and practical sides of family finances to empower readers to confidently enjoy their Money relationship.

The Savvy Sloth

Found at:

About: Run by Hayley, The Savvy Sloth is all about finding ways to build extra income from home whether that’s starting a home business, freelancing or finding a side hustle that works for you.

The Complaining Cow

Found at:

About: By Helen, The Complaining Cow Comprehensive is a well established consumer rights blog. Packed with information on laws, regulations, sector standards, how to complain effectively, opinion and advice on topical issues.

Pounds and Sense

Found at:

About: Pounds and Sense is a UK personal finance blog aimed especially (though not exclusively) at over-50s. It covers making money, saving money and investing from an older person’s viewpoint.

Financial Expert

Found at:

About: Financial Expert leans towards a low-cost passive investment approach, and aims to provide balanced insights into how private and professional investors alike generate excellent returns.

Charlotte Musha

Found at:

About: Charlotte’s blog focuses on personal finance and in particular getting out of debt with the debt snowball/Dave Ramsey method.

Money Mentor

Found at:

About: Money Mentor aims to provide people with as much free financial education and they can in order to help people become financially literate and make smarter financial decision. Money Mentor’s ultimate goal is for people to use the site to reach financial independence!

Side Income Man

Found at:

About: John runs this fantastic site devoted to identifying the best side hustles out there to make a bit of extra income, providing insight into the range of money earning options out there!

Lawyer on a Mission

Found at:

About: The Lawyer On A Mission is a personal finance blog written by a commercial lawyer based in London, UK. The blog contains informative and easy to read posts on personal finance, investing and money saving tips and tricks to help you achieve financial freedom.

The Money Equation

Found at:

About: Run by another Dan, the Money Equation focuses on reviews of financial products and services in addition to ideas on frugal living and making some extra income.

Wise About Money

Found at:

About: Wise about Money is a site run by a husband and wife team reviewing a wide variety of UK investing apps and bank accounts.

Yorkshire Finances

Found at:

About: Yorkshire Finances is a personal journal charting this blogger’s progress toward financial independence, and early retirement. Posts on spending, savings and investment returns, are all accompanied by a video.

Got another Blog that should be a Best UK Personal Finance Blog?

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We also purposefully won’t feature anything we disagree with or isn’t right to highlight to our readers. This does include sites which focus exclusively on crypto trading (we simply see it as too high risk for beginner investors).

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