Cheddar App UK Review – is it worth it?


Hello everyone! As regular readers will know, we like a bit of money for nothing at The Financial Wilderness – so we love cashback apps. Today we’ve got a review of the Cheddar App, which gives you a little extra when spending.

(Please note there’s a few international apps with similar names so for avoidance of doubt, I’m reviewing the UK Cheddar cashback app – although the same company offer payments services).

(Note: We may receive a small commission for referring you using our links, but it won’t affect the service you receive and per our editorial policy, we always write honestly about what we review, no matter if we get paid or not).

How does the Cheddar app Work?

Cheddar uses a cashback model connected to your credit or debit cards. Once signing up for Cheddar, you give the app permission to read your statements.

When you spend at one of the stores featured in the Cheddar app, you’ll then receive a percentage of your purchase paid to you as an bonus. For those who’ve used the AirTime Rewards app (which we recommend).

As with all cashback, this shouldn’t be a rationale to spend more – however, getting additional money on products you’re buying anyhow is just sensible.

So why would companies do this? It’s a simple case of psychology. Let’s say you have a couple of supermarkets – if you know you’ll get a reward more for going to one rather than the other, it influences where you’ll visit.

Advantages of the Cheddar App

Easy to use the Cheddar App for cashback

Similar to Airtime Rewards, it’s a fire and forget type app where once you’re set up, you can just let the cashback roll in.

The Cheddar App has cashback for London Transport and Supermarkets

Whilst it’s only 1% with most, the Cheddar App provides cashback for journeys with Transport for London alongside Tesco and Sainsburys on the Supermarkets side. Given those retailers are largely driven by essential spending, these are fantastic to have on the app and get some cashback for.

Even the non-essential retailers are good as well and feature names you might use anyhow and don’t com such as Deliveroo.

Screenshot of the Cheddar App showing cashback options

The Cheddar App pays cashback directly into your bank account

Unlike some of the others, the Cheddar App will simply pay any cashback earned directly into your bank account.

You can combine the Cheddar App with other Cashback sites

Long term readers will know that we are very big fans of using TopCashback and QuidCo which reward you with a “cut” when doing online shopping. Where a retailer is on both, you can use both cashback sites for some real bonus reward.

Check out our review of TopCashback here and our review of QuidCo here.

Disadvantages of the Cheddar App

The Cheddar App doesn’t work with all UK card providers (yet)

Whilst there’s a healthy list of UK bank providers the Cheddar app does work with including most of the recognisable UK banking names, there’s a couple of omissions – with the big one being American Express and Chase being another exception

However, looking at Cheddar’s list they are aiming to get non-covered banks onboarded to include remaining names by Q1 2023.

The range of retailers on the Cheddar App is still fairly limited

Whilst more will be added overtime (and I still think having the Supermarkets and TfL on there makes it worth it regardless) there’s still a relatively limited selection of retailers on the Cheddar App.

How do I sign up for the Cheddar App?

Simply search for Cheddar on your app store of choice! You’ll be asked if you have a referral code – we’d be very grateful if you’d use ours of UKNBMNU, as it’s things like this which helps us keep the site running!

Alternatives you can get a QR code for the app at the Cheddar website here.

Overall Review of the Cheddar App

Rating: 5 out of 5.

We’re very pro any app that gets us free money, and if you’re a London Commuter or shop regularly at Tesco or Sainsburys it’s a no brainer to sign up for this for a little extra.

We particularly like that the payouts go directly in your bank account, and the app is well designed and easy to use. As such, we think Cheddar is well worth downloading and activating.

Is the Cheddar app free?

Yes, the Cheddar app is completely free to sign up and use – although obviously you’ll need to spend with some retailers to get cashback with them.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about the Cheddar app, or thoughts after hearing about it we’d love to hear from you! Just leave us a notes in the comments below.

And that’s it!

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