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Hello everyone! Long time readers will know we’re very big fans of online cashback site TopCashback. Traditionally TopCashback has helped you save money when you shop online – but now they’ve launched a new offer for getting in-store Cashback to make it even better. As such, we thought we’d write a review of TopCashback In-Store Cashback.

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What is TopCashback?

TopCashback is an online website where by shopping as a website link on the TopCashback website, you are effectively paid the referral fee that would have been paid if you’d clicked through from an advertiser.

It’s a very easy and proven way of making money on online shopping and especially rewarding on big ticket items – I’ve literally earned £1,000’s extra from it, and it’s my single biggest “easy money” tip.

We’ve written a full review about TopCashback and how it works here for more detail on the overall website.

(Note: Topcashback also run a service called TopGiftCards where you can save money via purchasing supermarket gift cards – we’ve also got a review of TopGiftCards here).

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How does TopCashback in-store cashback work?

TopCashback’s new service works by allowing you to register your debit credit cards with them via Open Banking. What this means in practice is you’re getting some money back for selling your purchasing data on an anonymous basis as this gives value to advertisers.

When a purchase at a participating retailer shows up on your linked card, your TopCashback account will then be credited with cashback in the same manner as if you’d made an online purchase.

You obviously need to be comfortable with this idea of selling your data – our approach has always been that our data is a valuable commodity that is often taken for free/near-free regardless of what we do, so we should attempt to monetise it where possible.

Another question is if it’s safe to link your cards and grant data access. Open banking highly regulated by the FCA and now well proven, but I’ve included a more extensive section on this below.

How do I activate TopCashback in-store cashback?

Obviously you’ll need a TopCashback account, and can sign up here if you don’t have one already.

If you’re using the TopCashback website on a PC, log into your account and then select “Features” at the top, and “In-Store Cashback” should appear in the next menu.

If you’re using the TopCashback App, click “More” in the bar at the bottom, then “In-Store Cashback” is an option further down.

After accepting the terms and conditions, you’ll be invited to select your bank and link your cards. Most major banks are on there, including American Express.

We recommend doing this on a device that your banking apps are on – the integration process neatly works with your banking apps to make the linking process easier.

Once connected, you’ll then need to opt in individually for any offers – for those who’ve previously used the Nectar Connect service, it works in a similar way.

What retailers can I earn with using TopCashback in store?

It’s very early days for TopCashback in store, so at the moment there’s just a handful of retailers, however they are good ones. Given the amount of connections TopCashback has around the retail industry, I’m absolutely expecting this list to improve over time.

At time of writing, the best offers are a very generous 5% cashback on a Sainsbury’s shop, 10% off at Leon and 5% off purchases at Costa Coffee.

TopCashback’s claim for the service is that over time you’ll receive offers which are most tailored to what you may be interested in – this would be great if so, but it’s still too early to say if this works in practice or not.

The in-store cashback page on TopCashback

Are there any disadvantages to TopCashback in-store Cashback?

The only disadvantage we’d note is that the scheme is structured slightly annoyingly where you have to opt in to receive the in store offers, as most of them expire within 30 days.

This is somewhat annoying, as to maximise the benefit of TopCashback in-store Cashback you have to do some regular maintenance – I’d really encourage anyone from TopCashback reaching this to change it to an auto opt-in.

Overall Review of TopCashback in-store Cashback

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

TopCashback in-store Cashback is a very welcome addition to an already excellent service that should offer some excellent new opportunities for cashback. Return rates are generous, with good retailers and once signed up for, it’s easy to earn.

We have deducted half a mark for the limited range of retailers available at the moment, which we hope will grow in time and we’ll be able to score more positively.

We also deducted a mark for the need to opt-in to retailers for in-store cashback fairly regularly – it’s an administration headache that doesn’t need to exist, and will see some missing out on cashback they could otherwise have got.

However, with a bit of legwork, we expect TopCashback in-store cashback to become a rewarding service – and still see TopCashback overall as an undoubted 5-star service very worth signing up to.

Can I use TopCashback in-store cashback with other in store cashback services?

Yes you can, and our approach has always been to sign up for their all to maximise your cashback! We suggest taking a look at Airtime Rewards, Cheddar and if you’re a Sainsbury’s customer Nectar Connect as well.

Is TopCashback in store cashback safe?

As I mentioned above, TopCashback in-store uses the Open Banking initiative to read our bank account data, so I wanted to include a piece on the safety of open banking.

Open Banking is now a well established part of new rules brought in by legislation under the Payment Services Directive to allow organisations to access and make better use of financial data. The access you grant to apps like TopCashback is very highly regulated to keep it secure, however nothing can ever be said to be 100% risk free.

All you provide to TopCashback. is read only data – I.E it’s the equivalent of letting the app take a peek at your statement – you don’t give any access to the actual management or the direct login of your bank account.

On on that, just remember you should NEVER give any app or any person any of your account’s direct login details.

Therefore the potential direct harm or someone to make malicious transactions/steal your money is limited, however in a more general sense you should think carefully about who you provide read access to beyond the TopCashback. Given the wrong person read-only access could provide a fraudster or hacking with data on your spending that could help them commit identity fraud.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about TopCashback in-store cashback, or want to share your experiences of using the service we’d love to hear from you! Just drop us a note in the comments below.

And that’s it!

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