11 tips to save money and be healthy!

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Hello everyone! In these times where our cash is becoming increasing stressed, easy to lose sight of our health alongside it. So today I’m covering some tips on improving both factors – actions you can take that will save you some money but also stay healthy!

A lot of these tips are changes to save money and be healthy are ones I’ve made personally within my own life – in my early mid-20’s I ended up working too hard, putting of exercise as something I didn’t really need to do and ended up putting on a bit of weight.

It took effort, but now I’m in my mid 30’s I’m about the healthiest I’ve ever been. It’s led to me both feeling better and looking better – now I’m a big advocate that taking steps to focus on your personal health has huge benefits, even if they may feel insurmountable.

So, on with the tips to save money and be healthy! And please do let us know if you’ve got any of your own in the comments below, as we always welcome them.

Be healthy and save money by switching to water

People often overlook drinks as having a huge effect on health, but this was the one that made a huge difference for me. My position tended to be that water was just a bit dull and flavourless.

However beyond having to spend money on fizzy or flavoured drinks, when you further examine the nutritional values of that glass of cola alone you find it can represent 7% or more of advised daily calories. Given you’re quite likely partnering that with a meal, the calories you’re drinking can add up quickly.

Tips on swapping to water

Swapping other drinks out for water is really one of the most painless adjustments you can make – but if you’re swapping from fizzy drinks you may initially find you’re missing the (literal) sugar rush and the water seems very plain in comparison.

It’s worth perservering – this aspect is a mixture of what you’re physically and psychologically used to – and the water will become the “new normal” relatively quickly.

If you’re finding water a bit too bland try chopping up some fruit (or cucumber) and letting it infuse in the water for some extra taste. A lot of this is mental through – my tip is to chill a bottle of water on a really hot day and focus on how refreshing it is.

Struggling to remember to drink enough is a problem so try and keep that in mind – all you really need is a glass, but I can find that having a water flask / bottle on my desk at work can be a helpful reminder. There’s some good basic water bottles available from Wilko here.

Saving money and being healthy with a glass of water.

You don’t need bottled water to be healthy and can save more!

Unless you’re in a country where the tap water is not treated and safe to drink, I’d really urge you to go for tap water rather than bottled. The idea it’s inferior is really a psychological one, and it’s much better from an environmental standpoint given the amount of plastic used in bottled water.

If you live in a “hard water” area where there’s lots of buildup, it’s worth investing in a water filter jug.

Be healthy and save money with exercise outside the gym

Membership of gyms has become increasingly common and most today tend to have really good equipment – however it’s important to remember you can get significant benefits from exercise outside the gym too.

Bodyweight Exercise can be incredibly beneficial

Some of the best exercises in terms of working your body both for fitness and muscle are classic bodyweight exercises you can really do anywhere. In terms of noticing immediate success, I found I see huge results with squats and lunges and (whilst I don’t think anyone actively enjoys them) burpees as well.

There’s an excellent guide to 53 bodyweight exercises you can do with accompanying videos from self.com here.

Find a form of exercise you enjoy

The most important thing with any sport or exercise is to find something you enjoy. Many people start with gym work and conclude that “exercise” as a whole is not quite for them.

There are so many other great forms of exercise out there though and there will be something for you so don’t give up! See it as as a great opportunity for a bit of experimenting.

Apps and Youtube can help learn the basics or replace classes

If you’re looking to get started but are worried about not doing the right thing, remember that YouTube and fitness apps on the app store are fantastic resources.

Here’s a few recommendations on some great ones to get you started:

Be healthy and save by modifying your cooking

When researching how to improve your fitness and the look of your body, you’ll find that half the battle is in the gym….. but the other half is in the kitchen. So there’s a few things you can do here to help you out:

Look for swaps to healthier versions of the same thing to stay full longer

We tend to crave simple carbohydrates that our body can convert to energy as quickly as possible – but these tend to give us an energy spike that can send our energy up and down and needing to eat more frequently to feel we have energy.

You can modify and improve this by introducing more complex carbs into your diet that will keep you full for longer. Even better the potential swaps out are often a similar price or cheaper!

As a couple of suggestions, try brown rice or pasta instead of it’s white equivalent and to integrate more beans and grains into your diet. Instead of potatoes, give sweet potatoes a go!

Find delicious and nutritious budget recipes

Just because you can make a dish cheaply doesn’t mean it isn’t nutritious. I’m a huge fan of the BBC Good Food site where they have a dedicated section for easy and healthy budget recipes which can be found here.

Batch cooking can be helpful

Here at the Wilderness we’ve written previously about if Batch Cooking is worth it – one of the other advantages of batch cooking is that it’s often done with a slow cooker or pressure cooker.

This is helpful because particularly beans and grains can taste their absolute best when slow-cooked, and you can also get cheaper but highly nutritious cuts of meat.

Saving money and being healthy by cooking

Any further suggestions or questions?

Do you have any further tips on saving money and being healthy, or have questions on our tips? We’d absolutely love to hear from you, so please do get in touch with us by using the comments below.

And that’s it!

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