Tips and Tricks: Save with Small Business Saturday!

Last Updated on 4 September 2020 by Dan

Hello all, a rather briefer post than usual this week owing to being in the midst of the social whirlwind that is the pre-Christmas period. However – even in such times we bring you excellent moneysaving tips!

Today’s is to alert those of you who hold an American Express card to Small Business Saturday, which conveniently is this Saturday 7th December.

This is an initiative run by AmEx over the last couple of years to encourage smaller shops to accept the card – but it’s rather generous to you as the consumer and well worth taking advantage of.

Simply put, when you spend at least £10 at any shop taking part, you’ll get £5 statement credit back – fantastic!

You can see where you can use your card at Amex’s interactive map which you can find here.

To use the offer you need to opt-in which you can do so by logging into the relevant page on Amex’s website here. (Or search Shop Small UK 2019 on Google).

P.S – International readers – these links are for the UK, but Amex runs similar promotions worldwide.

It is well worth opting in regardless of if you have clear spending plans. There’s a really surprisingly high number of shops within the scheme – if you’re in, this will apply automatically. Some of the shops are bigger than you might expect so you might end up with an unexpected credit.

You can also use the offer multiple times, up to a maximum credit of £50. However, all spending must take place on Saturday.

That’s it! Happy saving and remember when using credit cards to pay them off in full – some of the American Express cards that pay out rewards can have high repayment rates, obviously negating the benefits of any offer.

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