Tips and Tricks: Just where can I get a cheap (and good) beer?

Last Updated on 29 September 2020 by Dan

Hello! No matter if it’s a jaunty catch up with friends or lamenting the state of the world, sometime you just crave a nice refreshing beer…..

Now for a long time I didn’t think I particularly liked beer – I always found it a bit bland and tasteless. Then one day I went into the beer shop opposite me, got chatting with the Belgian proprietor and realised actually I do like beer, I was just unknowingly a beer snob and into the wonderful world of craft beer….

There is a really variety of wonderful products out there, and it’s become a real delight to go and do some important testing work! Today I review some of my favourites.

Try a Beer Box with Flavourly

Flavourly has become my favourite way to try out new beers beer at home. They build collaborations with smaller breweries – often big enough to have reasonable production but not quite at the point of breaking into Supermarkets yet.

I have ordered a box of 20 beers from them several times for £24. Usually when you’re getting a selection you expect a few duff ones in among the gold, but I’ve honestly really enjoyed everything I’ve had and enjoyed discovering new breweries. Special mention to the (now sadly finished) collaboration with Cardiff based Tiny Rebel, who I now look out for specially whenever I’m out for a drink.

Happily, once you’re up and running with Flavourly, the offers seem to keep coming reasonably.

Wilderness Offer: You can try a box of 20 beers from Flavourly, including getting a free snack, a couple of beer glasses, and a complimentary magazine for only £25 – a fantastic deal. Just follow this link.

If beer isn’t your thing, they do Gin too! If you’d like an alternative offer you can get 11% off the Flavourly Bottle shop with this link.

There are rivals. I tried out Beer52 which offers a very similar service, however found the box I had much more hit and miss, at about a 50:50 ratio (I only had one box from them). However there’s often deals on Groupon and Wowcher for Beer52 which are good value for giving a go.

Don’t overlook the Supermarkets

Conscious of the change that’s happened in the beer market, Supermarkets have really upped their game on the craft beer front and even have some good offers on. I’ve found Waitrose in particular really excellent for variety and choice, and like picking up a random can.

Some of my favourites of the craft breweries who are becoming a little bigger like Beavertown Brewery now also now sometimes appear on multibuy or as part of “dine in” deals.

Visit a taproom

Now they’re not exactly often in the most luxurious of surroundings (in fact more likely you’ll be sitting in a literal factory with your beer propped by a packing crate) but you can really get the best bang for your buck by going to the source.

Even if the wallet-sucking drinking environment of London I’ve managed to get a superb pint for £3 rather than £5 or increasingly, £6 (shudder).

If you’re in London the Bermondsey Beer Mile is a good place to start looking, but there are plenty of great options around the city and for that matter, all over the UK!

Get your Brewdog on

Finally if you’re based near one of their bars it can be worth buying a single share in Brewdog’s ‘Equity for Punks’ scheme as it offers some good discounts. They’re not the cheapest but the beer is consistently good and I like trying some of their creations beyond the standard groupings.

If you do apply for shares you can make me happy by using referral code: R173327

Your membership card will get you 5% off in their bars or 10% off an online order, and a few extra bonuses like a free pint on your birthday.

A few caveats:

– If you simply like their classic Punk IPA, you ironically can get it cheaper buying it elsewhere (Wetherspoons stock it for example).

– The share is not a share on the stock market you can buy and sell nearly as will. Rather you’re restricted to when the company allows you to sell it which you have no control over. Quite honestly, I suggest only going in if you are prepared not to see that £25 again and but feel you might get the benefits.

Happy Drinking, make sure it’s responsible! If you have any of your own great finds or just want to share a beer you’ve enjoyed, let us know in the comments below! And……cheers!

People clinking beer glasses in a Cheers.

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