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Hello everyone! Savvy shoppers may be aware that MySupermarket, a nifty little website tool which allowed you to compare the price of your shopping across various supermarkets (and therefore save cash on your regular items) closed down. Happily, the good folks over at Latest Deals have been hard at work on creating a replacement within their existing app and I’m spending some time reviewing this today.

(Sponsored Post: The Financial Wilderness was paid to test the new Latest Deals app and write a review. In line with our editorial policy, I have been given full ability to use the app independently and full control over what I say – so you’re getting my 100% honest opinion. We know your trust is important and we take our duties seriously when doing reviews).

How the Latest Deals app works

Before I begin, let me introduce the concept of Latest Deals in general, as the site was new to me. Latest Deals highlights where there is reasonable/substantial discounts off a range of projects across the market.

You can view everything on the site, or single out flash deals, voucher offers and it even has a good selection of freebies which actually had some really useful things in. There’s also a compilation of competitions to enter, mostly from TV and magazines with some good prizes on offer.

A picture of the latest deals app competition page

Working through the site in general, there were a couple of things I thought made it stand out:1) Too often I find on deal sites that you really have to go hunting amongst a mass of rubbish (and plenty of things that are not in reality “good deals”) to find the things that really are worth it.

Scrolling through Latest Deals I found most items genuinely seemed good value, even if I wasn’t necessarily interested in everything based on personal taste.

I particularly liked that smaller items like household necessities were featured, and if I happened to see something I thought I needed it might influence my purchase decision.

What I really liked however was the ability to run a search for any deals on the site via the bar at the top. This is great, as if you’re after any particular item, it allows you to do a run a quick and easy search to see if you can get something at a better price.

By using a tag on something like a computer game it’s easy to do that comparison pronto.

Review of the Latest Deals App Supermarket Comparison Tool

The new functionality of the Latest Deals site allowing you to quickly compare items from Supermarkets can be found by clicking on the magnifying glass to bring up the search bar, then tapping “Supermarket Comparison”. At present items from Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Iceland, Tesco, Asda and Morrison’s are compared.

You then search for a product as normal and any stockists along with the relevant prices comes up quickly and easily.

Illustrating how to get the Supermarket Comparison search on Latest Deals

Especially if you live in a city, this is handy. I’m surrounded by most major supermarkets, and so if I get a sudden hankering for some Ben and Jerry’s Peanut Butter Cup (yes, still hoping if I keep mentioning them they’ll send me free samples!) I can work out where I’m best to head to.

I picked that as an illustrative example but actually running that on the app works well! Per the screenshot below I’m paying £4.50/£5 for that sugary goodness at most of the supermarkets, but heading to Asda would net it for £3 instead – definite result.

Showing comparative results for buying Ben and Jerry's on Latest Deals.

Where you can save the most with this app is spending a little time with it if there’s items that you’d buy regularly – by putting them all in you would have everything you’d need to work out where you can do your regular shop cheapest, and get the same items. Over time, that can add up significantly.

Overall Review of the Latest Deals app

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I honestly really liked it. It’s early days for this app – at the moment you’re most likely to be using it in the way I’ve mentioned above, searching out a particular item you’re after, so initial savings may be small – but still definitely worth it on more premium items.

This is still very much a first step for the guys behind Latest Deals.

My advice would be to build functionality that allows you to create a full grocery list of items and then do an instant comparison of which Supermarket would be cheapest for your overall shop. Put that in place, and you really could save a rather substantial amount. All the building blocks are there to do that.

It would also be helpful to have multibuys etc. taken into consideration if possible, something a bit more technically difficult owing to the many permutations!

I’m planning to keep Latest Deals on my phone and use it. I like the deals aspect of the website that already exists, and I’m really interested to see where they take the Supermarket comparison, as the demise of MySupermarket has definitely left a gap. Recommended.

You can download the Latest Deals app using the links below if on a phone, or directly from their website via this link.

Download the Latest Deals iOS App
Download the Latest Deals Android App

Any questions?

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