It’s our Birthday! Some of our best bits….

Last Updated on 11 January 2021 by Dan

Hello everyone! It’s time for quite an exciting milestone here at The Financial Wilderness – this site is 1 year old and it’s our birthday!

I’d just like to take a little bit of time to thank everyone that’s helped make the site what it is so far – be that those who read the site, fellow bloggers who I’ve taken advice from, those who’ve promoted the site and those who’ve simply supported us.

Quite frankly, we’ve achieved a lot more in a year than I expected! The site now gets significant regular readership for a newer blog, and I’m continuously really grateful for that.

Where do we go from here?

I’ve still got no shortage of topics to cover, so there’s plenty of article upcoming on making the best use of your finances.

I am always interested in hearing from you though and what you’d like to learn more about, or a financial problem you’re having that I can troubleshoot. So if you’ve got something on your mind, just leave a post!

A longer term intention is to start moving into having some Youtube posts, where we try and troubleshoot a specific finance problem, so I’d love some material to get this going.

Beyond that the site has been like a good investment – demonstrating steady growth! We’re going to continue to focus on promoting and building out the site and keeping that momentum rolling ever onwards.

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Some of our highlights of the year:

I thought I’d use this as an opportunity to revisit some of my personal favourite posts from the past year:

Understanding why you shouldn’t pay the minimum on your credit card – It’s a financial mistake I see quite often, and it’s one that pains me. This one still gets quite a readership – whilst it’s not easy to start to do this initially, I hope it’s helped some people get there.

Digging yourself out of debt – The basics of a how to get out of debt strategy that I am really proud of. It’s aimed at credit card debt, but applies to all types.

6 easy ways to improve your finances whilst at home – This is just good solid money management advice that will save most people money in lots of situations.

Review your pension today – If there’s one bit of advice I’d love to drill into people, it’s take any workplace pension!

Should you use Klarna to buy products? – My thoughts on an financial product I feel is incredibly damaging to young people, and an article I really hope puts people off using this.

What type of Credit Card should I get? – When used right, a credit card can be a great tool, and I think this is an effective guide to understanding what can help you.

How I book a holiday cheaply – This is me in full geek mode, but it’s the area in my own life I’ve literally saved thousands with my techniques here!

Keep on reading!

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