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Hello everyone! Today sees an extended return of the American Express Shop Small program – this is a great offer that they run each year that provides you with up to £50 free cashback when you buy from one of the smaller shops that accept American Express.

This is a great thing! Obviously American Express aren’t entirely doing this solely out of the goodness of their own hearts – they’re trying to stimulate spending given how much it’s reduced recently. However many smaller shops have been struggling at the moment and if you need an excuse to support them this does help supply it. It’s win-win longer term – another surviving small shop is good for all of us.

It goes without saying that I encourage you to make sure to patron some of our smaller shops anyhow. They can sometimes be a little bit more expensive, but they are a real part of the community and often provide excellent expertise and service.

An open sign from a small shop

How shop small works

It’s simple really – every time you spend £10 or more at a participating “small shop” American Express will credit £5 to your account statement. You can do this up to 10 times, so effectively that’s a free £50 you can rack up with minimal effort.

How to take advantage of shop small

You must opt in to activate the promotion. You need to go to American Express shop small offer page on their website which you can find here, click on “save offer to card” and then log in to your American Express account to activate it.

How long is shop small running for?

American Express generally run this promotion every year but in normal times only do it for one weekend which generally takes place during the pre-Christmas period. This year they’re extending the promotion to run from the 22nd June to the 13th September, so plenty of time to rack up those 10 purchases and get the £50 credit.

Where can I use my card for the Shop Small promotion?

You can see a searchable map on the American Express website here – but the answer is a surprising number of places. I recommend however simply activating the promotion as early as possible. That way the extra cashback will simply activate for you if you happen to be in a smaller shop, and sometimes you can find a shop that you weren’t expecting is part of the scheme.

Do you recommend American Express Cards?

Generally speaking yes – some of them represent good value and others do not, but I think the top ones represent some of the best cards on the market, although are generally aimed at those with better credit. They are generally not good cards if you can’t pay off in full. I carry an American Express Platinum Cashback card myself.

They largely fall into the category of being either rewards credit cards or cashback credit cards – both of which we’ve reviewed the best options for recently, just click those links. We also discuss the benefits and drawbacks in those articles.

If you’re trying to work out what type of credit card might be best for you, you can read out piece on that here.


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